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GM & AM Wedding Invitation
A5 Card. Digital.


This card is one of a series of elements I prepared for a wedding. Working on a wedding was a fun challenge. I established a continuous dialogue with both the bride and the groom to ensure they had an invitation they both enjoyed and could be proud of. This interactive approach to image-making ensured that the images were personal to them.


The couple sought something with personality but that was also classical and traditional. I opted for an art-deco-inspired style that i created digitally on Adobe Ilustrator to keep the image clean. At the same time, the image still points to my interest in fine line ink art while allowing me to play with texture and detail.


The imagery is contained in a bounding frame and represents the 6 lighthouses of the island where the wedding is to be held. In between, textures and scenes tell the couple's story. An appropriate font was chosen and the image was printed by Tormiq Impremta in Barcelona.

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