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I produce limited runs in my studio with an Epson E-800 printer on Red River paper. All prints include the artist's signature and the date of the run.

Sizes and pricing, unless otherwise indicated:

8x10   $25

11x14 $35

12x12 $35

14x17 $50

16x20 $70

Dimensions refer to the edges of the sheet of paper, where the working area of the print is slightly smaller to accomodate a margin and print information. All sizes fit standard frames.

The original paintings and drawings of the prints may be available, please enquire by any of the means avaliable on the contact page.

Stickers and Postcards

Originals and Commissions

Existing originals may be available for sale. Please contact to enquire about these or potential commissions.

Ink and Wash
Line drawing (monochrome)
Line drawing (multicolor)
Blob and line

I pride myself on the joy of experimenting with a variety of styles and media. To make it easier for clients to make requests, I have categorized recurring styles and techniques.

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