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Felipe Álvarez de Toledo

Illustrator, Cartoonist and Graphic Facilitator from Barcelona, now living in Boston.

Ph.D. in art history from Duke University in 2022.

Available for inquiries and commissions.


I am a Spanish-Argentine illustrator, cartoonist and graphic facilitator based in Boston, Massachusetts. After a lifetime of starting afresh, drawing helps me connect the dots.

I am passionate about images' narrative power, and feel that the graphic potential of illustration is explosive. As a trained art historian, I approach each project with a mental archive of images which I seek to put into dialogue with my own work. Training as a graphic facilitator is teaching me to love spontenaity and real-time creation, and to think deeply about what needs to be included in an image for it to communicate. 


Ink: I am a bit promiscuous with my supplies. For quick cartoons and on-the-go sketching, the platinum carbon fountain pen with the extra fine nib, the Pilot Namiki Falcon with a soft extra fine nib, or a Kuretake 40 brush pen. De Atramentis document ink is *wonderful* for fountain pens. For larger paintings at home, a dip pen with Kuretake G nib, or a brush. I also love microns, but hate to toss them.

Watercolor: Winsor and Newton travel set, usually with a water brush pen.

Paper: Smooth bristol for inking, hot-press watercolor paper for painting.

I also love to experiment with new materials and techniques, so who knows what I might be using now. I also play with gouache, colored pencils, chalk pastels, and ocasionally try my hand at all-digital drawing.

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