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Personal Postcards and Ephemera 

Images made for holidays, friends and family and personal use.

Hand-painted Letters in black read "Miaultes Felicigats" and, in reverse, "Miauchas Felinidades". A red G is shaped like a cat. A red N is also shaped like a cat.
Photograph of a hand holding a white postcard with black and red letters that reads "Miauchas Felinidades, Miaultes Felicigats"

Miaultes Felicigats / Miuchas Felicidades
Postal 4X6. Digital con boceto inicial a rotuladores Tombow.

Diseñado como una tarjeta de felicitación para unos amigos que acababan de adoptar un gato. El texto juega con el catalan y el castellano y con la forma y el color de las letras para crear una forma de gato en ambos idiomas. 

Just Keep Writing
4X6 Postcard. Ink and Digital.

Designed as part of a postcard swap for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), an annual challenge in which participants commit to writing a novel in 30 days.


Christmas Card 2022
5X7 Postcard. Ink and Watercolor.

The three magi follow the wrong light and end up on the coast of New England. I meant to highlight my first Christmas in the U.S.A. by placing a typical icon of Christmas in Spain - the three kings or magi - in an unexpected context. The lettering wishes the reader a merry Christmas in the four primary languages spoken by my friends and family: English, Catalan, French and Spanish.


FelipFecit Business Card
2X3 Card. Ink and Illustrator.

I wanted a card that would showcase my strengths. The simple cartoon was hand-drawn in ink. The logo was designed on Adobe Illustrator.

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